How Can I listen to your Audiobook?

The Time Management audiobook is in mp3 format. Mp3 files can be played on your computer using the standard audio player software which comes with most computers (such as Windows Media Player, Quicktime or Real Audio Player software etc.). You are also welcome to upload them to a portable mp3 player or burn them to a cd for your personal use.

What Is An Ebook?

An Ebook is a book which has been written or converted to be distributed and read electronically. The most popular Ebook format is Adobe PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format). Adobe PDF ebooks can be read on any computer, using free Adobe Reader® software regardless of the operating system, original application, or fonts.

The latest version of Adobe Reader can be downloaded freely from their site:

Payment and Delivery

Ordering is quick, easy and secure. We can accept credit card and paypal payments. Your payment will be processed over a secure server. Once your payment has been completed you will automatically be forwarded to the download page.

I am on dial-up - will I be able to download your products?

The ebooks are less than 2 meg each and so should not be a problem, even on dial-up. The Time Management Audiobook is downloaded in two mp3 files (the largest is 64 meg in size). If you do have a problem downloading one of the larger files then a download manager program such as Getright would probably solve that problem - You can download the standard free version of Getright from their site http://www.getright.com/get.html - what Getright, and programs like it, do is allow you to pause a download part of the way through, and then pick up again where it left off.


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